2012 Word of the year: FUN!

Happy New Year!

Resolutions are like goals – they keep you moving forward and provide some much needed motivation when the going gets rough. I love them. January usually feels like the perfect time to push that “re-do” button.


New year’s resolutions get a bad rap, though. Most people say something like this, “Yeah, I have a resolution. I’m going to lose weight and be a better person.”


Well, who wouldn’t want that?

The problem is that when we make vague resolutions or goals, chances are that we will not accomplish them because 1. they are not measurable and 2. vague leads to a lack of motivation.


This year, try making your resolution a little differently by using one of these ideas:


1. Specific, time sensitive, measurable objectives

Be realistic, but be definite. No wishy-washy business here. Make one or two (don’t go overboard) specific goals that you can measure. Try making one for July 2012 and another for December 2012. And remember to set up a reward for when you meet your goal!


This year, one of my objectives is: Complete three triathlons by December 31, 2012. It is specific (triathlon), measurable (I either finish or I don’t), and time-sensitive (by December 31st).


2. Word (or theme) of the year

For some Viagra Online, making specific goals, like in example 1, seems too constricting or pressured. Maybe you are looking for this year to FEEL differently. Or, maybe you want to focus on improving one specific aspect of your life. Choosing a word (or theme) is a great way to give you focus, learn about yourself, and ensure that this year will be different from all the years in your past.


For example, when going through a rough part of my life, I chose the word JOY. I knew that I had some rough days ahead, but wanted to learn how to live a joyful life, even in the dark moments. I used that word like a lamp post, guiding my decisions, my feelings, and my thoughts. This year, my word is FUN!


3. Vision board

The vision board is a great way to get a feel for what you want 2012 to be. If making time-sensitive goals scares you, or you are unsure what theme will arise in 2012, go for the feel-good visual of the vision board. It’s a fun way to set your ideas in motion, just by focusing on the images that feel good to you.


If you want an example of a vision board, visit my facebook page. My 2011 and 2012 vision boards are there.

photo by: D7eame