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Authenticity, part 1

Have you ever had a moment of realization that “Oh, my. I can’t keep all this up!”   I had that realization several years ago. On the outside, I looked like a pretty productive and effective young adult. I had a job, friends, family, a dog, and all that.   As a healthcare practitioner, I […]

Holiday Halt!

The holiday hustle: frantic non-stop activity including, but not limited to parties, shopping, working, food, family, and the dreaded travel. The Holiday Halt: an indulgent 4 hour experience filled with strong women, mindfulness, and peace. Come re-focus your heart and mind on what is important during this busy time of year. Consider it a gift […]

You are 8 questions away from fire!

This morning I was sitting in my office working with a client on letting go of her past. She just survived a nasty divorce, with two little kids. She is now a single mom, working two jobs just to keep up. She has done some fantastic work on herself, finding her confidence and enforcing her […]

Conquer the End of Summer Slump

Have you ever noticed what happens right around September? I call it the summer slump. It is about this time of the year that I look back and realize just how little I have accomplished over the past few months. Isn’t the warmer weather supposed to magically get me motivated to accomplish the mile-long list […]

The 7 Forces of Compassion Fatigue

In school we are all taught – ever so briefly – about compassion fatigue. For me, it was one sentence, in one book, at the very beginning of my education at age 19. The professor pointed out that it happens to at least 1/3 of the care giving field and told us, “It’s bad. Don’t […]