Have you ever noticed what happens right around September? I call it the summer slump. It is about this time of the year that I look back and realize just how little I have accomplished over the past few months. Isn’t the warmer weather supposed to magically get me motivated to accomplish the mile-long list of to-do’s I created back in February?


This Summer Slump is the perfect transition time for us. The new school year just began, and the busy holidays will be here before we know it. There is no better time than NOW to reevaluate and commit to creating your best year yet!Finish Strong in 2011


Take these three steps over the next week or two. You will find yourself more focused and have more energy to finish the year out strong.


1. Take a good look at the goals you set for yourself in January. Don’t just look at how far behind you are, or feel the doubt that they will get accomplished. Evaluate them with kindness. What obstacles got in your way this year? Are these goals important to you now? Your preferences and circumstances can change a cheapest cialis lot in 6 months. Don’t judge. Just evaluate with kindness.


2. What one small step can you take today that will move you closer to your goal? By small, I mean seriously incremental. For example, my goal is to run a ½ marathon this year. The one thing I can do today to get me closer is dig out my running shoes from the back of the closet. See how incremental that is? This is more about planning and moving forward consistently than about jumping in all the way with wild abandon. Then tomorrow, what is the one small step you can take to move a little closer?


3. Celebrate your successes. When we are children, we have many people celebrating our existence on a daily basis. This helps us grow. As adults, we HAVE to do this for ourselves if we want to continue to grow and move forward. Take some time to recognize the goals you have accomplished and the hard steps you took to overcome obstacles. Celebrate these accomplishments within yourself, or better yet…throw a party! Don’t you love those kinds of parties? The ones for “no good reason?”