Word of the year: FUN!

2012 Word of the year: FUN! Resolutions are like goals – they keep you moving forward and provide some much needed motivation when the going gets rough. I love them. January usually feels like the perfect time to push that “re-do” button.   New year’s resolutions get a bad rap, though. Most people say something […]

Authenticity, part 1

Have you ever had a moment of realization that “Oh, my. I can’t keep all this up!”   I had that realization several years ago. On the outside, I looked like a pretty productive and effective young adult. I had a job, friends, family, a dog, and all that.   As a healthcare practitioner, I […]

Holiday Halt!

The holiday hustle: frantic non-stop activity including, but not limited to parties, shopping, working, food, family, and the dreaded travel. The Holiday Halt: an indulgent 4 hour experience filled with strong women, mindfulness, and peace. Come re-focus your heart and mind on what is important during this busy time of year. Consider it a gift […]

Practice Whole Body Wellness

No matter the issue plaguing the women I work with, there always comes a point when each woman gets stuck.   They can’t continue with the practices that worked for them for so long, or the old issues are too strong to battle, or new issues rise up to prevent them from moving forward. You […]